• About the transcendental madness of Srimati Radhika.
  • About the gopis’ pathetic feeling of separation, they cry and cry.
  • Krsna promised the gopis that He would return in two days, but He has not returned, yet the gopis believe that He will return.
  • On Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s feeling of separation.
  • All knowledge is useless if the mind is not concentrated on Krsna.
  • Story of the supposedly intelligent guru and his supposedly ignorant disciple who walk through a forest and meet a tiger.
  • Effort must be combined with mercy.
  • How to practise bhakti? Taking shelter at the lotus feet of Gurudeva.
  • It is necessary to hear Dhruva and Prahlada kathas again and again.
  • About Mahaprabhu and Raya Ramananda.
  • The same water that falls from the sky manifests different results depending on where it falls on the earth.
  • About the 49 ingredients that come together on the platform of sthayibhava.
  • Bhakti, Bhakta and Bhagavan.
  • Raya Ramananda talks about the different rasas of service to Krsna.
  • Mamata is very important.
  • Guru-seva: vani-seva is very important.
  • Kanistha-adhikari, madhyama-adhikari and uttama-adhikari.
  • One who receives diksa-mantra from Gurudeva becomes a Vaisnava, but there are different categories of Vaisnavas.
  • Those who worship Visnu are called vaisnavas, those who worship Siva are called shaivas, those who worship Ganesha are called ganapatya. And what are those who worship Radha called? These are called Gaudiya!!
  • Chant the holy names every day even if it is at aropa-siddha-bhakti (imposing) level.
  • The beautiful story of the brahmana and brahmani who asked their little son to offer the plate of food to Thakuraji, and Thakuraji ate it.


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