English translation:
-Ganga, having descended on this land, did not want to leave Navadvipa
-9 limbs of bhakti are manifested in Navadvipa-shama
-Shvetadvipa-dhama is another name for Navadvipa-dhama
-Vrindvana is madhurya-mayi-shama, sambhoga-mayi-dhama and Navadvipa is audarya-mayi-dhama and viraha-mayi-dhama
-Krishna is lila-purushottama-avatara and Gauranga is prema-purushottama-avatara
-Chapala Gopala pastime; Mahaprabhu’s magnanimity
-Krishna is so merciful that He gave residence in Goloka to His killer Putana, but Mahaprabhu is even more merciful, He does not hurt anybody, just gives prema
-Mahaprabhu has only one weapon which is harinama-namastra. He gives prema outside Vrindavana
-00:39:00 – The story of how a man was killed by a tiger because of a desire-fulfilling tree
-About how people appreciate what they have got at a high price and do not appreciate what they have not invested effort in (examples with mango and cashmere shawl)
-Avoid dhama-aparadhas and other aparadhas; rectifying aparadhas


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