-Our aim and object is to practise shuddha-bhakti
-God invested all His potency into His holy names
-Holy names are higher than Sri Hari
-Holy names fulfil all desires
-The story of a blind boy who asked Shiva for a blessing by putting four whole blessings into one blessing
-Nama-abhasa gives wealth and mukti but shuddha-nama gives krishna-prema
-The importance of guru-vakya-dhira-vishvasa, firm faith in guru’s instructions
-Only the dream of uttama-uttama-mahabhagavata is perfect
-Seek association with vraja-rasika Vaishnavas
-Taking the form of a village girl, Sri Radha cooks for Rupa-Sanatana, while She listens to their hari-katha
-Svakiya and parakiya; kamatmika-bhakti and sambandhatmika-bhakti
-Krishna cannot break Srimati Radhika’s mana


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