-Shiva is the topmost Vaishnava as he surrendered fully to Krishna
-Jiva-koti Shiva and ishvara-koti Shiva
-Many lives you also had the post of jiva-koti Shiva but you do nor remember about that
-Gopa-kumara takes the position of Brahma
-Jnana-kanda and karma-kanda are the pots full of poison, not nectar as people think
-Karma-kanda, jnana-kanda and bhakti-kanda are three sections of Vedas
-The meaning of ‘mahajana’
-Any achievement of a person is meaningless if he does not possess bhakti
-Why Dhruva Maharaja is a sakhama-bhakta
-5 types of devotees
-Shiva’s mercy is easy to obtain, but it is dangerous, as Shiva is also easily angered
-Krishna’s relations with Uddhava
-The killing of Jarasandha at Maha Shiva-ratri


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