Part 1
-The duty of Shivaji is to destroy
-Krishna is shaktiman
-The lila on how Bhrigu Rishi established the conclusion of who Bhagavan is
-Never criticise Lord Shiva
-Danger emanating from the index finger ))
-The number of qualities jivas and Shiva possess
-Shiva is not perfect jiva-tattva and not perfect shiva-tattva. He is somewhere in the middle and that’s why called Shankara (‘mixed’)
-Inner heart and outer heart should be the same with no duplicity
-Shiva can be pleased easily
-When someone repeats the Om Namah Shivaya mantra, intending to assume the position of Shiva, Parvati Devi becomes angry, takes the form of Goddess Kali, kills these demons and makes garlands of their skulls
-5 initial elements; pacha-jnanendriya and panca-karmendriya
-The origin of the name Rudra; Shiva is the original founder of Rudra Sampradaya
-Tumi Sarvesvareshvara; Krishna is sarva shaktiman
-Why is Shiva poor and His devotees rich, and vice versa, why is Vishnu rich and His devotees poor?
-The lila on how Shiva gave away his home as a dakshina to Ravana

Part 2


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