44:00 Who takes birth, will one day die – teachings from the Bhagavad-gita
-God loves everyone in different ways
-God is calling to everyone, playing His flute, but they are not listening
-God spends time loving his internal potency, Srimati Radhika
-God is the embodiment of Divine Love
-Who will give real love in this material world? Only God
-Example of the street dog who becomes faithful and loves you after you feed it
-We are all searching for love
-By taking shelter of bonafide Guru, spiritual master, and Guru giving mercy to you, devotional service bhakti yoga in your heart, then you will see God.
-The transformation of the body can be seen when taking a photo at an early age and late age of life
-The process of bhakti-yoga explains how to, step by step attain love of God
-Definition of Hara


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