-We can glorify Gurudeva endlessly but time is very short in this world
-About 34 times Srila Gurudeva travelled all around the world to save the living entities
-A living entity makes a vow in the womb to serve the Lord, but once born, forgets its promise
-Never criticise Guru and Vaishnava
-You are Krishna dasa, not Maya dasa
-The holy names are higher than Sri Hari. They helped Hanuman to cross the ocean
-Gurudeva explained how to drink nama-rasa
-First get the mercy of Gaurasundara and His dhama, then go to Vrindavana-dhama
-Every disciple has to glorify his guru
-The glories of Prabhanda Panchakam grantha and My shiksha-guru and priya bandhu grantha
-I cannot forget the service of Sundarananda Prabhu to Srila Gurudeva


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