-Engage even your faults in krishna-seva. Only matsarya (envy) cannot be applied
-Glorify Vrajavasis and you will get Krishna’s mercy
-First cheshta (endeavour), then mercy
-Haridasa Thakura’s preaching to Muslims
-Types of anartas and aparadhas
-The meaning of the name Kamala
-The story of how one factory owner refused to listen to Srila BS Saraswati Prabhupada for lack of time, and then, impoverished and available to listen
-Madhavendra Puri katha
-Reject lava, puja, pratishtha
-Vaidhi-bhakta and raganuga-bhakta
-Question: Why do anarthas arise?
-If you do not have faith in guru, you will not develop your spiritual life. What to tell about your spiritual life, even your material life will not have success


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