-The beauty of Krishna and the sound of His flute
-How to get happiness
-The qualities of Bhagavan
-Bhagavan knows all languages: The story of a pujari kicking a dog and Lord Ramachandra protecting him
-Lilas of Krishna in Dvaraka
-Meaning of the syllables bha-ga-va-ta
-The Lord does everything Himself, but gives glory to His devotees
-To please Guru is more important than to please Krishna as Guru enchants Krishna
-Our Guru is Sri Rupa Manjari’s sakhi
-Lila on how the demigods churned the ocean and asked the Lord to exchange amrita keli for kathamrita
-Chant Krishna’s name to make Radha happy and chant Radha’s name to make Krishna happy
-Lila on how Krishna and Radha couldn’t divide the parrot Shuka


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