-Due to anarthas & lack of sukriti one doesn’t listen properly.
-Bhagavath-katha won’t have an effect when chitta is filled with visaya-vasana.
-Discussion between Yuddhisthira & Bhishma Pitamaha as why Bhishma Pitamaha
took the side of Kauravas & after war spoke about dharma on an arrow bed?
-Time is very strong & does everything.
-Why did Bhagavan create this world?
-2 stories regarding deaths of boys to tell about how kala & karma makes things happen.
-5 types of chetana with examples.
-About different types of humans based on Niti & Bhagavath-Sraddha.
-One shouldn’t lie in front of Gurudev.
-Vikacita-cetana is from sraddha to asakti-dasa & is entering into paramarthik-rajya.
-Purna-vikacita-cetana in bhava-dasa.
-Lila of Krsna making Yuddhisthira tell Asvattama died so that Dronacharya can be killed.
-Lila of Krsna saving Arjuna from Bhishma Pitamaha’s arrows & Bhishma Pitamaha’s glorification of blood on Krsna’s chest to kumkum falling from gopis.
-Lila of Bhishma Pitamaha making Krsna to break His vow that He won’t pick a weapon in war.
-Narada Rishi asked Lord Vishnu to give hari-mukha & Bhagavan gave monkey’s face to him.
-Bhishma Pitamaha kidnapping Amba,Ambalika,Ambika & things leading to Amba coming as Sikhandi in next life.
-Jiva does Karma by misusing viveka-jnana.


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