-What Radha and Krishna can discuss with Their sakhis
-Priya-narma-sakhas; Subala-milana lila
-The daily schedule and food regime of Vrajavasis
-Srimati Radhika wants to serve Krishna by the limbs of Her body even after Her death
-In parakiya-bhava the heart is more revealed than in svakiya-bhava
-There is no hesitation in madhurya-rasa
-Durlabhata, pracchana-kamakata, nivaranata and vamyata
-Parakiyata is the most disgusting thing in the material world and is the purest thing in the transcendental world
-Do not put too many efforts and do not force; just serve, collect sukriti, humbly pray to Krishna and He will arrange everything for you
-Guru’s kripa is not visible, it’s in the heart of the disciple
-Mercy of guru comes in 3 ways: hardika, vachika & aloka-dana


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