-Rohini-devi speaks vraja katha and the appearance of Lord Jagannatha to the queens of Dvaraka
-Dvarakadhisha Krishna is fully absorbed into Vrindavan
-Vrajendra-nandana Krishna’s bhakta is very very rare. Usually they are Dvarakadhisha Krishna bhaktas
-The story of a married couple, devotees of Krishna, who did not fall for Lakshmi-devi’s gold
-Lakshmi-devi cannot enter into-rasa-lila
-Krishna, Balarama and Subhadra melted listening to Rohini-devi’s hari-katha
-Snana-yatra of Lord Jagannatha
-Jagannatha is mahabhava-prakasha-murti
-Yesterday was so nice weather to celebrate international day of nama-sankirtana
-Story of Salvei, Muslim boy who loved Lord Jagannatha
-Haridwar, Himalayi’s Ganges is very dangerous because of landslides and slippery surface in the mountains
-The rope of Ratha-yatra is the love of the gopis and chariot is chariot of their mind
-The rumors say that Krishna was born from the womb of Devaki-devi but that’s not true
-Mahaprabhu is dancing in front of Jagannatha
-Mahaprabhu recites mundane poetry and only Rupa Gosvami and Svarupa Damodara understand Him

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