-Srimati Radharani Pranay mahima understanding is difficult.
-What is Sraddha?
-Worshipping Krishna with ananya bhakti.
-What is the dosha in worshipping Krishna & demigods as well?
-Different types of sraddha & stages above prema.
-Radharani’s anurag towards Krishna isn’t understood by Him.
-Radharani’s transcendental madness in hearing a sound & embracing Tamal tree.
-Krishna wonders at His beauty that attracts Radharani.
-Krishna thinks about madhurya in Him that Radhaji’s relishes & gets attracted.
-Krishna & Radharani are getting attracted to one another in their darshan.
-Lila of Krishna going for cow herding & vrajavasis comes out for darshan.
-Reasons for Mahaprabhu’s appearance.
-Chaitanya Mahaprabhu seva is vipralambha seva.
-In viraha we always think about it.Eg with Coin.
-Only Krishna Prema is nitya.
-In viraha feel separation & do Radha Krishna Bhajan.
-By doing Naam all anarthas will go away & will realise.
-Mantra has shakti & Hari Naam is the only means.
-Give up prajalpa , do sthava sthuti , dont eat too much or eat less.


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