-Gopis complain to mother Yashoda when Krishna penetrates their homes and when He does not come to them
-Damodarashtaka. By whom is Krishna controlled?
-Explanation of SB 10.12.11 (itthaṁ satāṁ brahma-sukhānubhūtyā)
-On the unfortunate fate of girls sold into brothels and other people in bondage. Comparison with maya
-The queens of Dvaraka cannot control Krishna
-Rudha-mahabhava is only in the gopis
-Ganesha does not possess anything. He takes everything from Lord Vishnu
-In Vaikuntha there is no ananda, no children
-The gopis can’t get enough of Krishna when He comes from the pastures. They curse Brahma for creating only two eyes covered with eyelids
-Perfume of Srimati Radhika’s body. The good luck of Vayu, the wind
-Srimati Radhika will not give up Krishna for any riches even for a second
-Srimati Radhika’s mercy is compared to a boat
-Gurudev recalls how in America (Philadelphia-Houston) during a flight the plane suddenly lost altitude
-People unlike sadhus want you to be unhappy in this world
-Sloka from Mukunda-muktavali (p.86 of Manah-shiksha)
-Who is our upasya deva (ishtadeva)?

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