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06/06/22am – Mahaprabhu’s Sweetness (English) – Germany | Srila BV Vana Maharaja

-While chanting the japa, your index finger should be pointing towards you
-Learn slokas
-You can point at others’ faults if you have power to purify their heart
-Question: Is Mahaprabhu in the mood of Samyogini Radha or Viyogini Radha?
-Srimati Radhika asks Krishna for a blessing so that She can fully embrace His body
-3 states of consciousness of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu
-Madanakhya-mahabhava is only in the heart of Srimati Radhika
-Yavat asray vrtti and sva samvedya dasha
-Nimai Pandita becomes Bhavuka Nimai
-Mahaprabhu shows His rasaraja-mahabhava svarupa to Raya Ramananda
-Question: Why do Vrajavasis sometimes have a mood of aishvarya towards Krishna?
-Question: Is there a difference between bhakti and seva to Krishna?

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05/06/22pm – A Guru is a Sparshamani (English) – Germany | Srila BV Vana Maharaja

Part 1

-Glorification of Srila Vishnu Maharaja
-Srila Narayana Maharaja: Before I depart from this world, I’ll leave many Narayana Maharajas
-Guru’s mercy manifests in the heart of a guru-sevaka
-Our goal is to please Guru rather than Krishna
-Guru-nishtha is the backbone of our bhajana and sadhana
-Srila BV Svami Maharaja preached all over the world because he had guru-nishtha
-Bhakti-devi cannot tolerate vaishnava-ninda
-The effect of asat-sanga
-The story of a sadhu and a prostitute lady
-If you are a miser, do not glorify Vaishnavas, but never criticise them
-If you chant 64 rounds a day, you will have no time to criticise
-Lord Kapiladeva tells His mother Devahuti to be in sadhu-sanga
-Srila Gurudeva is a sparshamani. He turns iron into gold

Part 2

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05/06/22midday – Different Types of Bhaktas (English) – Germany | Srila BV Vana Maharaja

-Hari-katha is our life.
-How is it speaking mundane-katha & jnani-katha
-Lila of Mahaprabhu being diverted from going to Vrindavana & sent to Advaita Acharya’s house in Shantipura.
-Srimati Radhika said she won’t give Krsna even with exchange of things like money. Just like a blanket in winter & umbrella in rainy season one cannot leave, She cannot leave Krsna.
-2 enemies for Krsna darshana: ananda & madana.
-Krsna as a messenger of Pandavas in Hastinapura showing partial virata-rupa to Duryodhana for his act of trying to imprison Lord.
-Lila of Krsna eating the banana peel given by Vidura’s wife.
-Different types of bhaktas mentioned in Brihad-bhagavatamrita with examples.
-Shukadeva Gosvami being atmarama gave up his Brahman-dhyana after hearing hari-katha from Vyasadeva.
-Siradhvaja Janaka Maharaja being aptakama has tears in his eyes when Sita-devi is leaving for Ayodhya with Lord Rama.
-Jnani vs jnana-bhakta & how Prahlada Maharaja showed his jnana-bhakti qualities in his conversation with Hiranyakasipu.
-Lila of Nrisimhadeva Bhagavan getting pacified by Prahlada which devatas also can’t do.
-Characteristics in 5 primary rasas.
-Sambandhatmika-bhakti, kamatmika-bhakti & types in it.
-Srimati Radhika can serve Krsna in a proper way as She knows the heart of Krsna.
-Lila of swimming competition between Krsna & Radharani in Radha-kunda.
-Guru-seva, krsna-seva & radha-seva is dependant on how you know their heart.
-Srimati Radhika did mana for Krsna’s pleasure. About Prema-samputa grantha.
-Krsna appeared in the form of a damsel & asked Srimati Radhika why are You angry with Krsna.
-Krsnadasa Kaviraja Gosvami about transcendental love in Chaitanya-charitamrita.
-What is prema. Transcendental love vs material lust.

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05/06/22am – Dharma and Adharma (English) – Germany | Srila BV Vana Maharaja

-Without the association of sadhu Bhakti-devi will not manifest in our heart
-Raghunatha dasa Gosvami’s life history
-Yukta-vairagya, phalgu-vairagya
-When Mahaprabhu is in the mood of Radharani, Nityananda not stays close to Him as Nityananda is in the mood of Balarama Prabhu
-Question: When Mahaprabhu distributes prema was He is in the mood of Sri Radha or Krishna?
-The story of a father and his four sons who have managed their father’s wealth in different ways
-Why did Yudhishthira Maharajа play dice, isn’t that a gambling game?
-What activities a person’s life is spent on
-Question: What is dharma and what is adharma for a devotee?
-Bhajana of our Six Gosvamis
-Bhava-mayi-sadhana, bhava-sambandha-sadhana, bhava-anukula, bhava-viruddha, bhava-pratikula
-Question: Why is Radharani called Shyama?
-Follow but do not imitate

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04/06/22pm – Fulfilling Guru’s Desire (English) Germany | Srila BV Vana Maharaja

-Mahaprabhu predicted that His name will be reached everywhere.
-In this Kali-yuga only nama-sankirtana is dharma.
-What is siddha-pranali.
-4 qualifications meant for chanting holy names.
-If name, fame, reputation is given, offer it to guru.
-Dhyana mulam guru-murti.
-Pooja mulam guru-padam.
-Mantra-mulam guru-vakyam.
-Moksha-mukam guru-kripa.
-Mahaprabhu told Hey Jagannatha You aren’t a vigraha but a direct manifestation of Vrajendra-nandana.
-Where is hari-katha there is Vrindavana.
-About newly installed vigraha name Radha Vinoda-Bihariji
-Stay together to fulfil the desire of Krsna & gurupada padma.

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