Playlist - Darshans 2019

Happiness of having the Lord’s darshan

  • Material happiness is nothing compared to the Lord’s darshan
  • 7 qualities of the Lord’s svarupa
  • True disciple
  • Main process for the sadhaka is to listen to harikatha
  • Quality of sadhu-sanga depends on sukriti
  • There should be a goal in bhakti

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Darshan and harikatha after parikrama

  • Aparadhas
  • Does darshan of the Lord depend on sukriti?
  • Some vaishnavas tell that Krishna closed His eyes when He saw Putana. It’s their opinion
  • Asakti is when you cannot leave something. For example today I felt bad when I realised that lost japa mala which had been with me for 35 years
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