Playlist - Chile 2016

01/01/16 – Hari-katha [3] (English) – Chile

1:34:20 lila (Rama goes to Vasishtha and tells He want to take renounced order), 1:51:55 question (how to maintain the faith in guru when he left the material world?), 1:55:00 question (how to develop bhajana and sadhana?), 1:57:10 question (how to have sadhu-sanga when sadhu is not present?)

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01/01/16 – Hari-katha (English) – Chile

10:00 upakhyan upadesha (mouse catches on fire in front of Takuraji), 20:36 lila (Haridas Thakur being beaten in 22 markets), 31:44 lila (history of the curse of Parikshit Maharaja), 36:18 – 42:12 no video and audio

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