Playlist - Bolivia 2016

09/01/16 – Hari-katha (English) – Bolivia

27:05 Lila (Mahaprabhu meets Isvara Puripada in Gaya), 31:31 lila (Matanga Risi disciple Sabari was always waiting for meet Rama, she everyday put flowers on the floor), 40:28 continues lila, 43:20 (old lady looking for her needle in the road, but she lost in the room)

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08/01/16 – Hari-katha (English) – Bolivia

38:08 lila (Narada risi and Mrigari), 1:07:18 lila (Arjuna shooting the pupil of the eye of the bird), 1:13:15 question (something about remembering the previous life), 1:22:24 question (something about karma), 1:25:23 upakhyan upadesha (2 friends won in the lottery and one killed the other to keep all the money, but many years after he spent all his money with his son disease)

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07/01/16 – Hari-katha (English) – Bolivia

25:43 upakhyan upadesha (2 daughters fighting for their father’s chicken, and decide to cut the chicken in 2), 39:05 lila (Sukadeva Gosvami tells Indra to leave the assembly of Parikshit Maharaja because he was unqualified to hear Srimad-Bhagavatam)

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