• When prema, divine love, manifests itself in the heart of the devotee, he becomes jubilant.
  • Example of Srila Jiva Gosvamipada in Priti-sandarbha: The story of the father who supported his family with little money and a lot of hard work, just for love.
  • Those who feel love are not concerned with their own happiness, only with the happiness of their loved one.
  • Love is sacrifice.
  • If you feel material love for your family, in the same way you can apply your love to Sri Krsna.
  • Love and attachment to Krsna and His parikaras (eternal associates) are transcendental, hladini shakti vritti (the pleasure potency of love).
  • Material love and affection are maya-vritti.
  • The essence of prema is bhava, the essence of bhava is maha-bhava, and the essence of maha-bhava is Srimati Radhika, who is the embodiment of maha-bhava (Sri Caitanya-caritamrta).
  • Srimati Radhika is Krsna’s pleasure potency.
  • All the activities of the gopis are exclusively for the pleasure of Krsna (Prema-samputa).
  • Mana, the transcendental wrath of Srimati Radhika, is just to give pleasure to Krsna.
  • All siddhis manifest from the lotus toenails of Srimati Radhika.
  • All bhavas manifest from Srimati Radhika.
  • All of Srimati Radhika’s sakhis are experts in playing instruments, singing and dancing.
  • “Rasa“ consists of these activities, singing, dancing and playing instruments, not sexual activities.
  • Sukadeva Gosvamipada explained these lilas in detail.
  • Lalita-devi is skilled in preparing tambula, and the other sakhis are also skilled in various types of arts.
  • The song Sri Radhikastakam, which was written by Srila Rupa Gosvamipada, explains the worship (archana) of Srimati Radhika. As She and the gopis are cleaning the kunja for Govinda’s arrival.
  • A kanistha-adhikari worships the deities but has not yet manifested devotion towards the devotees, this is his qualification.
  • The archana of an uttama-mahabhagavata and a kanistha-adhikari are completely different.
  • An uttama-mahabhagavata may be sweeping the temple (kunja-seva) and manifesting the mood of Vraja.
  • The day before the Jagannatha Ratha Yatra, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu cleans the temple.
  • Story of the sadhu who played a rhythm (raga) that evoked a female deity.
  • Before serving the Divine Couple in the Goloka Vrndavana aprakrita one should receive training from Lalita and the other sakhis to learn how to do everything.
  • The difference between common service and special service.
  • Example of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Prabhupada about the boy who taught harmonium.
  • There are several lives until you reach the different perfections (siddhis), it depends on your bhajana and sadhana.
  • Sakhis are experts, “from A to Z”, in everything.
  • In Jaiva-dharma are the teachings for us to understand more about the knowledge of the sakhis.
  • To be able to study more, you need to sleep less, but with quality.


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