• Nanda and Yashoda serve Krsna with sambandha, parental relationship.
  • The gopis serve Krsna as lovers.
  • In Kurukshetra, in the mood of separation, the gopis asked Krsna why He left them.
  • The difference between Nanda and Yashoda’s feeling of separation from Krsna and that of the gopis from Krsna.
  • The difference between material love (temporary) and transcendental love (eternal and indestructible).
  • Love means sacrifice and surrender, even in the material world.
  • The love of the gopis for Krishna is called samartha-rati.
  • Why Ravana did not kill Ramachandra directly.
  • Deep down Ravana knows that Ramachandra is Lord Vishnu.
  • The reason Ramachandra came to perform His lila was to experience separation from Sita-devi.
  • The Lord fulfills all our desires, even material ones.
  • The 3 modes of maya’s nature are very strong and control us.
  • We don’t know how to use our free will.
  • Those who choose maya instead of serving the Lord have the punishment of maya.
  • All souls are feminine, as they are expressions of the Lord’s “shakti” potency.
  • Knowledge (jnana) is perishable and bhakti (devotion) is not.
  • Sri Krishna’s vow to Arjuna: “My devotee shall not perish” (Bhagavad-gita).
  • The Lord is controlled by the bhakti of His devotees.
  • The lila of King Akbar and his minister Birbal (Srimad-Bhagavatam).
  • The demigods discuss how fallen people can become one-pointed devotees of the Lord.
  • Verse: api cet su-duracāro


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