-The gopis nishtha in Krishna, and especially Radhika.
-Bhramara-gita: The transcendental madness of Srimati Radhika.
-Sita-devi’s nishtha in Rama.
-Bali Maharaja and Vamanadeva Bhagavan.
-Sri Rama and the asuri Shurpanakha.
-Rama, Sugriva and his brother Bali.
-Ravana trying to fight Bali.
-It is not a sin to kill 6 kinds of people, and the one who kidnaps another man’s wife is one of them, Sri Rama tells Bali.
-Bali asks Sri Rama for a boon that he may always remember the name of the Lord.
-Hanuman’s nishtha and his story with Garuda.
-Sri Rama decides to kill a shudra.
-On Sri Rama and His mighty arrow which cannot harm Hanuman.
-Narada Rishi, Hanuman and Vishvamitra glorify the holy names.
-Sri Rama trying to make stones float.
-The meaning of the numbers 0 and 1 in relation to the marriage ceremony.
-On the fire ceremonies performed by Sri Rama without Sri Sita.
-The wife is the potency of the husband, without Radha Krishna is zero, but this meaning does not apply to sannyasis and brahmacharis.
-Srila Gurudeva jokes with the information that marriage lasts 7 lifetimes in a row for the spouses.
-The story of how a woman took diksha initiation and became a princess in the next life, but her husband did not and became an elephant.
-Anyone who takes diksha and practices bhajana is sure to take human form for life after life.
-Krishna gave prema only in Vrndavana, but Radhika gave prema to everyone indiscriminately in the form of Mahaprabhu.


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