-The meaning of guru-puja
-The definition of guru
-When a disciple fully surrenders to a guru, the guru has the responsibility to purify his heart
-Arjuna, perfect disciple, surrenders himself to Krishna, perfect guru
-Srila BS Sarasvati about “blowing” doctor/guru and perfect doctor/guru
-Laukika-shraddha and paramarthika-shraddha
-Ashraya koriyo bandho
-Abhyasa and vairagya to control one’s mind
-Control 6 urges of your senses
-Spirituality distinguishes man from animal
-The story of how a guru asked a disciple to give him something most useless
-This body is like plastic bag; there are 9 doors in this body
-Though human body is useless we can perform sadhana ad bhajana in it (example of Ambarisha Maharaja)
-Trinad api sunichena shloka is the qualification for bhakti
-The story of how a scorpion kept stinging a sadhu and the sadhu kept trying to save it by fetching it out of the water
-Sumana – offer your good mind to Guru
-Mad guru jagad guru – always think your Gurudev is the best
-Dhýana mulam guru murti sloka
-Everyday chant guru-mantra three times a day


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