-Destination of karmis, jnanis, yogis & bhaktas.
-Only bhaktas attain Lord & reason for it.
-Krsna said to Arjuna to declare that His devotee will never fall down.
-api cet su duracaro sloka discussion.
-Krsna says if one one-pointed with Me & does bhajan-sadhan I will clear all his faults & purify his heart quickly.
-If you are one-pointed with guru & Krsna , Krsna will purify the heart.
-What is sin, dharma & adharma?
-Telling a lie isn’t a sinful activity in some circumstances with the example of a person telling a lie when a butcher asks about a cow.
-Krsna says what I’m saying is Absolute Truth.
-Lila of Krsna making Yuddhishthira to tell a lie that Asvaddhama died in Mahabharata.
-Lila of Krsna killing Barbarik who gave evidence to Pandavas that in Mahabharata actually Krsna killed all & not them.
-Lila of Srila BhaktiVinoda thakuraji explaining api cet su duracaro sloka to demigods.
-Krsna says to give up all rules & regulations & surrender unto Him to get delivered from material world.
-Destinations attained by practising vaidhi-bhakti & raganuga-bhakti.
-Guru-padashraya is the first step to develop spiritual life.
-Receive diksha-mantra from guru.Guru gives sambandha with Krsna.
-In bhava-dasa diksha is complete.
-Meaning of diksha.
-5 stages of anartha-nivurtti.


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