-Sadness and happiness are natural for human life and come in sequence
-When the Lord gives difficulties He gives bhava to tolerate them
-Time is very powerful; law of cycles
-Kauravas try to poison Bhima but Krishna saves him
-Pandavas invite Kauravas to their miracle palace
-Kunti increases the curiosity of Krishna when she is about to make her request to him
-Tears flow so beautifully from Krishna’s eyes
-At a particular time of year, we see three currents at the same time: Ganga, Yamuna and Sarasvati
-Kunti remembers damodara-lila
-Lila of Brahma giving resignation letter to Krishna and them asking it back from Him
-There are lots of Brahmas in different universes; the bigger the diameter of the universe, the more heads the Brahma of that universe has


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