-We have to follow suddha-sadachara.
-Satyavrata Muni is paying obeisances to Bhagavan.
-Ishvara is Svayam Bhagavan.
-The more Krsna-lila sravana, kirtana & smarana, the more ananda will be there.
-Yashoda-maiya feeds Krsna with milk & touches Krsna on His cheeks & pats on His head.
-Bhagavan has self manifest beauty & not by ornaments.
-Meaning of Gokula.
-Alambhana & uddipana in bhakti.
-One dust particle of Gokula is more valuable than 14 planetary systems.
-Maya disturbs when we have tendency to enjoy ourselves.
-Krsna breaks the pot, feeds monkeys & runs into the street & Yashoda-maiya chases Him.
-Bhagavan shows His sweetness & beauty depending upon parikara.
-Srimati Radhika manifests more beauty than Krsna & there will be a competition.
-Why Srimati Radhika is called Shyama.
-Radharani fulfills all Krsna’s desires.
-Swimming competition lila where Radharani voluntarily gets defeated by Krsna to satisfy Him.
-Who is the actual sevaka & when can one know the heart of a guru.
-Krsna’s iccha automatically manifests in Radharani which in turn comes to manjaris.
-Manjaris have eikanthika nishtha & they are like shadows of Radharani.
-Guru takes the disciple’s hand & offers it to Radharani for seva.
-Forgiveness is the great virtue present in Bhagavan.
-Bhagavan gives punishment to rectify us.


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