-Give up all kinds of jnana ,sit in front of suddha-bhakta & by hearing Bhagavan’s amritha-katha consciousness will be purified & one will enter into bhakti-rajya.
-Stay in the ashrama wherever you are & do bhagavad-bhajan.
-By Bhagavath-seva unconquerable Bhagavan also will be conquered.
-Anyabhilashita sunyam sloka discussion.
-About the insults made to Draupadi by Kauravas & Karna.
-Lila of Gopis teasing Krsna as what did He give anything to anyone.
-Krsna supporting Himself with example of Sudama, Draupadi & how gopis made fun of it.
-Lila of Krsna making a bridge when He said He was Lord Rama in Treta-yuga.
-What is the need to ask Bhagavan. He knows your heart.
-Lila of Sudarshana-chakra killing Krtva demon & chasing Durvasa Rishi.
-3 types of jnana & importance of sad-guru ashraya.
-Story to tell how one’s karma comes back.
-Lila of Bhishma Pitamaha saying to Draupadi as why he didn’t speaking about dharma in kuru-sabha during Draupadi’s insult & speaking on battlefield sleeping on arrow of beds.
-Lila & Karma are different.
-Ajamila-katha of chanting namabhasa due to saying his son’s name given by Lomaharsha Rishi.
-Chitraketu Maharaj came as Vritarasura.
-Mahabhagavth external activities are for loka-siksha.
-Bhishma Pitamaha explaining as what got him to do the stage of sleeping on arrow bed with blood oozing out.
-Lila of blind Suradas with transcendental vision telling about dress of thakuraji.
-Pray to Bhagavan that Hey prabhu make my health strong so that I will do better service.


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