-Weakness in spiritual life due to asat sanga & bad impressions in the subtle body.
-Gross body is left but subtle body with samskaras goes to next life.
-With sadhu sanga all bad impressions will be destroyed.
-Offenses at lotus feet of sadhu, guru , vaishnava is like a thunderbolt & difficult to destroy.
-Chant Holy Names & Prema manifests. Symptoms of Prema.
-Due to aparadhas Prema doesn’t manifests inspite of chanting.
-Hari Nama is more powerful than mantra diksha. Hari Naam is topmost.
-Hari Naam is sambhodhan vachak(vocative case). Mantra is Sampradhan Karak.
-Importance of guru mantra & sambandha jnana with it.
-Srila Narayana goswami Maharaj surrendered completely to Srila Bhakti Prejnana Keshava Goswami Maharaj.
-You doesn’t belong to others but belongs to guru.
-Mantra gives sambandha jnana. Hari Naam gives Prema.
-Devi Parvathi asking Shivaji whose worship is topmost
-Brief glories of worship of Tulasi,Ganga devi, Giriraj Govradhan & Guru padapadma & first priority to be Gurudev.
-Parikrama means charging spiritual life.
-Madhavendra Puripada & his 2 disciples Ishwara Puripada & Ramachander Puripad
-Story of a monkey & a crocodile with his wife waiting monkeys heart

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