-Inner meaning of Gundica-marjana-lila: Srimati Radhika with Her sakhis prepares kunja for Krishna
-External meaning of Gundica-marjana-lila: how sadhaka cleans his heart from the anarthas to get shuddha-bhakti
-Lord Jagannatha only lives in Gundicha temple for 9 days
-Mahaprabhu shows by His example how to clean the temple
-Gopis pull the rope of Jagannatha chariot which means they captivate Krishna with their love
-Haricandana (king Prataparudra’s bodyguard) receives the mercy of Srivas Thakur
-Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu dances in the mood of Srimati Radhika which makes Lord Jagannatha so happy
-Lord Jagannatha’s chariot follows the movements of Mahaprabhu
-Subhananda takes the saliva from the mouth of Lord Caitanya
-Yaḥ kaumāra hara sa eva hi vara – mundane poetry recited by Mahaprabhu
-4 weapons of parakiya
-49 ingredients creating rasa
-Srimati Radhika begs Krishna to come back to Vrindavan
-Aradhyo bhagavan vrajesa-tanayas explanation

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