• Yamuna Devi is Vishaka Devi. Reciting the Yamunastakam is the same as remembering Vishaka Devī.
  • All yugas (ages) have a fixed duration), Kali yuga (present age) is 432,000 years in duration.
  • When Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu appears in any age (like the present one), it is said that all the avatars, like Kalki Avatara, are also in Him.
  • Vrajendra-nandana Shyamasundara Sri Krishna appears in Dvapara yuga and when this age ends, Kali yuga begins.
  • This Kali Yuga is Dhanya Kali Yuga (Mahaprabhu’s special age), so Kalki Avatara is not coming.
  • Mahaprabhu is no different from Krishna, He is Svayam Bhagavam.
  • Mahaprabhu says that in this age Kali is present in three forms: nama, svarupa and vigraha, and in the end she will liberate everyone (there is no difference between any of the three).
  • This Kali Yuga is very powerful.
  • As the age of Kali progresses, especially in this age, Mahaprabhu’s mercy comes at the same time.
  • Mahaprabhu gave mercy to all Rama-bhaktas.
  • Mahaprabhu liberates the jivas in different brahmandas. There are innumerable jivas (ananta-jivas).
  • The Chaitanya Caritamrta compares the infinite brahmandas with the fig fruit.
  • Mahaprabhu promises to liberate everyone in this age through nama-sankirtana.
  • Whoever has guru-nistha will automatically have Bhagavat-nistha.
  • One of the names of Srimati Radhika is Krishna (pronouncing the letter ‘a’ in a prolonged way ‘aa’).
  • With emphasis on the word “Krsnã-nandaya” (the guru who gives pleasure to Srimati Radhika).
  • Gaudiya-siddhanta is very specific.
  • Svarupa can only be manifested if you do sadhana and bhajana, so you have to follow it. For example, the lion is the king of the forest, but he has to hunt.
  • Everything depends on cesta (effort) and krpa (compassion).
  • If you don’t do sadhana, whatever you have stored in your heart will be blocked.
  • Krishna gives consciousness and the power of independence, we are not inert beings.
  • The svarupa of Uddhava.
  • Laksmi-devi was attracted to Krishna but did not reach Him. (Example of rasa-vicara: the same person can be a doctor and a lawyer, the moods are different in the different roles).
  • According to rasa-vicara there are differences in Bhagavan, but according to tattva-vicara there are not.
  • Perfect greed has three symptoms: following the rules of the sastras, staying in Vraja, and always associating with braja-rasika devotees.
  • With your greed you can buy Vraja-prema. Greed does not depend on anything.
  • The sastras explain everything generally and specifically. For example, specialist and general practitioner.
  • Everything is manifested through Srimati Radhika.
  • There is no difference between shakti (power) and shaktiman (possessor of power).
  • Radhika manifests different forms for the pleasure of Krishna.
  • Read the book Raga-vartma-chandrika by Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura.
  • When you reach the stage of anartha-nivrtti, you will know how to distinguish and know your svarupa.
  • Even with greed it is not possible to reach a svarupa that is not yours.
  • Before stay-bhava, everything becomes changeable.
  • When the jiva’s svarupa manifests, his staybhava (fixed mood) manifests.
  • The sadhu’s duty is to remove all kinds of anarthas.
  • The prema-samputa grantha says that everything Radha does is for the pleasure of Krishna. (Her five names are described as Devī-krsna-mayi).
  • Only Radha fully understands the heart of Krishna.
  • Story about animals (tiger and donkey) arguing about whether the colour of grass is blue or green.
  • The donkey is the personification of foolishness. Never argue with a foolish person, that’s the bottom line.
  • Govindam adi-purusam tam aham bhajami. Radha does not say ‘Govinda’, but ‘You are a fool, rascal’. And that makes Krishna very happy.
  • When you love someone, everything that person does and says is good.
  • Everything depends on love.



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