-This is the place where Mahaprabhu stayed and discussed hari-katha with Raya Ramananda and Svarupa Damodara
-Sarvahbauma Bhattacharya used to come here
-Gambhira means serious deep mood
-Krishna wants to realise the sublime mood of Srimati Radhika
-Mahaprabhu’s transcendental madness
Lila of Mahaprabhu jumping into the ocean & being caught by a fisherman who thought of Him as a ghost
-Radha-kanta deities give Their darshana here -Gopala Guru’s pastimes and how he got his title (his deities; shiksha to Mahaprabhu to chant even in the restroom; getting protected from Abhirama Thakura)
-Gopala Guru Gosvami manifesting after having disappeared to help his disciple Dhyanachandra Gosvami
-Why Gadadhara Pandita did not live in Gambhira
-Pastime of Mahaprabhu, who hears a lady singing Gita-govinda in the garden, follows her in transcendental ecstasy and is stopped by his servant Govinda
-There are two deities presented here: Krishna in the separation of Radha and Radha in the separation of Krishna
-Lalita-sakhi and Vishakha-sakhi pacify Srimati Radhika in Her separation
-Radharani wants to serve Krishna even after Her death through Her five elements
-How to attain manjari-bhava step by step
-The speciality of tad-tad-bhava-iccha-mayi bhakti
-Radharani is our mistress


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