-One has to do a kirtan of a song written by vaishnava to have auspiciousness.
-Mantras & songs given by abhaktas won’t have any effect.
-If one doesn’t have sraddha it’s useless to give orders.
-Jata-rati sadhaka will have more thirst for Bhagavath-katha & what are his characteristics.
-Dhama-vasa will bear results if limbs of bhakti are done in sadhu-sanga.
-In dhama if one does aparadha it will become thunderbolt.
-Vrindavan’s dhama earth is chintamani & water is amritha.
-One blind person leads another blind.
-Story of a king and a minister & their dream of falling in Kheer pond & stool pond.
-Pratibimbha-ratyabhasa & Chaya-ratyabhasa.
-Pratibimbha-ratyabhasa is shown in jnanis & karmis & not profitable due to lack of sadhu-sanga.
-Chaya-ratyabhasa is seen in ignorant persons present near sadhus & is profitable.
-Story of a woman crying looking at sadhu’s beard & remembering his goat.
-Krsna is Bhava-grahi Janardhana.
-Bhava-lakshana Anukulya-abhilasa, Bhagavath-prapti abhilasa , Suhrd abhilasa.
-What is suhrd-abhilasa.
-If one gets a desire to become servant of Srimati Radhika & this sound falls in ears of Lalita-devi She immediately catches hold of them.
-Mahaprabhu says to a boy that his reading of Bhagavad Gita on guru’s orders is successful inspite of improper pronounciation.
-About anubhavas.If heart is dancing inside then one dances outside.
-Uddhava shown by Vrajavasi the jala-dhara formed by tears of Yashoda Maiyya & Nanda baba takes him to Nanda baba’s house
-Uttama-bhakta won’t discriminate.
-Srivasa thakur in the assembly of Devananda Pandit.



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