-What will happen to nayaka & nayika when they are separated.
-Srimati Radharani thinks of Krsna & falls unconscious.
-How marriage decisions are taken in Indian culture.
-In cit-jagat there will always be Radha Krsna Milan.
-Gopis in dainya says what punya Venu has done to drink the nectar of Krsna’s lotus lips.
-In Venu-gita Srila Sukhadev Gosvamipad is speaking about purva-raga.
-Gopis in dainya are saying that they are unable to meet Govinda.
-Gopis in jealousy says Venu being purusha-jati is stealing our wealth & showing ahankara.
-Bhishma Pitamaha kidnapping Amba, Ambika & Ambalika.
-Gopis say Krsna is massaging the feet of Vamsi.
-Gopis also say Krsna is fanning Vamsi with His eyebrows.
-Vamsi attained that position as it took gopis charanamrita.
-One will attain bhakti if one takes bhakta-pada dhuli, bhakta-pada jala, bhakta-bhukta sesha.
-As per karma one gets the food.
-All the trees in Vrindavan also became happy by looking at the fortune of Vamsi.
-Gopis says they are the eligible ones to take nectar from Krsna’s lips as they belong to the same Gopa-jati of Krsna & knows Him from childhood & not the Vamsi.
-Krsna’s dynasty coming from Devamedha.
-Haridasa Thakura glories of his transcendental body being bathed by Mahaprabhu & Advaita Acharya’s giving him first preference as vaishnava than brahmanas.
-Gopis are scolding Venu as nirlajja.
-Gopis got prema on Krsna the day Yashoda Maiya bound Krsna to mortar.
-Gopis says Venu gots sambandha from the day Krsna went for cow-herding.
Venu-janma is better than gopi-janma.


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