-The gopis call Krishna turak-brahmachari
-Giriraja serves Krishna with mind, body and speech
-The fragrant mineral stones from Giriraja Govardhana
-Krishna performs lilas in the caves and waterfalls of Giriraja
-In Vedic culture it is not accepted to call the name of a husband or brother-in-law
-The waterfalls of Giriraja are his tears of ecstasy when he feels prema
-Bhajana-shilas of Giriraja
-Giriraja serves in different rasas
-The great unappreciated labour of women in the household and with children
-The meaning of the word ‘abala’ in SB 10.21.18
-The sakhis decide which lila will happen today
-Lila of two Radhas sitting in the kunja (Krishna pretends to be Radha)

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