-Mahaprabhu is remembering Yamuna, Vrindavan on the banks of Godavari.
-Raya Ramananda approaching Mahaprabhu & both of them embraced each other.
-We have to pay obeisances looking at sannyasi.
-Raya Ramananda in humility said I’m your dasa/servant.
-Mahaprabhu & Raya Ramananda are immersed in prema.
-About mayavada philosophy.
-Mahaprabhu came to South India actually to meet Raya Ramananda.
-Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya asking Mahaprabhu to meet Raya Ramananda in South India.
-Jivas topmost kapat is to have sayujya-mukti.
-What is kapata
-Misconceptions of mayavada.
-We are eternal servants of Krsna. But due to illusion, we think of ourselves as man, woman etc.
-The more one knows tattva-jnana one will come out of an illusion.
-By doing bhajan one will realize everything.
-Importance of book Jaiva Dharma & without reading it one won’t enter into bhakti.
-About a drama where a person declares about the number of dead persons.
-Premi-bhakta meets with premika one will discuss the Lord’s prema.
-Raya Ramananda starts rasa-panchadhyayi in mayavadi-sabha.


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