-Srimati Radhika was born in Vrishabhanupur and got married on Yavat

-Manjaris follow Srimati Radhika everywhere

-Paramour mood in the transcendental world is very sublime but in the material world is very low

-Never imitate gopis

-Jav is a kind of tree

-4 unfailable weapons of parakiya-bhava

-Srimati Radhika does not want to leave the transcendental world

-Abhimanyu (Radhaji’s husband) is a mama (uncle) of Krishna. Rasic meaning of Srimati Radhika and Abhimanyu’s wedding

-Abhimanyu never touched Radharani nor he entered Her room and sat on Her bed

-Lila of Krishna in disguise of a sannyasi-brahmana when Srimati Radhika threw wheat flour on His head (Bhiksham dehi, Alakh Niranjan)

-Krishna puts alta on Srimati Radhika’s feet

-Lila of Jatila and Kutila suspecting Radha and Krishna in bathing in Yamuna (Krishna takes the form of Abhumanyu)

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