-About Naam as sambhodhan atmak(vocative case) & Mantra as sambhandatmak.
-Radhaji’s original name is Hara.
-Rshis showed sampradhan karak chaturthi vibhakti.
-Mantra will give result & not by changing sad guru.
-Story of villagers cleaning a dirty well.
-Story of a disciple of Srila Paramagurudev coming back.
-How many life times Dhruva Maharaj took to attain perfection.
-Do Bhajan with Nishta & Sraddha towards guru & wait for Bhagavan’s iccha.
-Prema is compared to a mercury. In prema things cann’t be hidden.
-Lila of Srivasa Thakur recognising Mahaprabhu’s prema which Saci Mata considered as vayu roga(disease).
-Krishna mantra gives samsara vimochan & Krishna Naam gives prema.
-Srila Rupa goswami & Srila Sanatana Goswami discussing on Krishna Lila & Srimati Radhika coming on pretext of kheer to listen them.
-Everyone is mad in this world after something like wealth, wisdom,fame. The real meaning of a word pagal is to be observed into smth
-Friendship happens b/w people of same nature.
-Krishna gives hints where He will meet gopis.
-Mahaprabhu going South India & Raya Ramananda to Nilachal.
-Meaning of Bajaranga bali & Lila of Hanuman considering Sun as fruit.
-Joke about robot doing seva. None wants to become brahmachari.
-Diksha during Gaura Poornima by Srila Paramagurudev.

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