– Verse 5 and 6 Damodarastakam;- Gopis did their bodily activities and household chores only by habit and by the arrangement of Yogamaya (because they are completely absorbed in Krsna);- Gopis had no kids of their own;-Importance of listening to harikatha and finding a balance between chanting, serving and listening to harikatha;- Gopis curse Brahma for the creation of eyelids;- Symptom of vatsalya-rasa: kissing the cheeks and sniffing the head of the child;- Anisthita bhajana kriya (unable to keep the vows, undecided whether to get married, struggling not to enjoy);- What is the meaning of a real mauna-vrata (vow of silence)?- The 4 kinds of Damodara;- Rasa lila is referred to as “ananta”, the unlimited pastime;- Rasa lila includes many lilas;- Gopis are expert in dancing, singing and playing different instruments;- Story of the famous classical singer and his concert;- About dreams;- 3 kinds of prema in Braja: vivek suno prema, visrambha prema and utkantha mayi prema;- Why did Krsna not return to Braja? (the forest fire x the ocean fire);- The need to have the direct darshan of Krsna.

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