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05/11/20 – Gopa-kumara in Dvaraka

– Gopa kumara in Ayodhya and Dvaraka;

– story of the dog who came to Lord Ramachandra for justice (the dog who had been kicked by the pujari);

– story in Dvaraka lila: Narada asks to Krsna that He gives one parijata flower to His best queen (and Satyabhama becomes sulky).

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05/11/20 – Rama-ghata

Baladeva-tattvaKrsna leaves Vrndavana, and vrajavasis feel separationthe rasa-lila of Baladeva prabhuwhich Yamuna is dragged by BaladevaNityananda Prabhu in Vrndavana

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04/11/20 – Morning class – Mathura

– gaudiya vaisnavas: the highest saktas (worship to Srimati Radhika); – Bhagavan Rama does not take anyone`s remnants (Shabari does not give her remanants to Him) – difference between opulence and sweetness mood (in sakhya and also vatsalya); – example of the...

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