-Importance of tattva-siddhanta as a foundation for rasa-siddhanta & how the mind gets fixed by it.
-Story of guru-sevak throwing away cabbage levaes one after another seeing nothing in it to signify how jnanis deal with sastras.
-Jnanis attain fruits only after they take shelter of bhakti-devi.
-Story of a mother who gives her heart to son for his lover.
-Transcendental love never manifests in the world with example of gold forming from Jamuna fruits after dropping on a bank & going to Svarga.
-How anarthas get removed & then one gets svarupa-siddhi & serves Lord with siddha-deha.
-3 types of bhakti aropa-siddha , sanga-siddhi & swaroop-siddha.
-Aparadhas from many lives is the reason for prema not to manifest inspite of sadhu-sanga.
-One person doing austerities for 30 years to get the mystic power of crossing the river.
-Root cause of bhakti is sadhu-sanga. Without listening the hari-katha heart willn’t be neat & clean.
-Lila of Srimati Radhika carrying water in a container containing 100 holes as a cure for Krsna’s headache & Krsna blocks 100 holes to prove Radhika is topmost chaste lady.
-Vrajavasis are ragatmika-jana & lila of Krsna’s heart getting melted after looking at Vrindavan in Mathura..
-Krsna feeling the viraha of Vrajavasis & sending Uddhava to Vrindavan to pacify them.
-Different types of knowledge.
-One returns back from Svargaloka but not from Vaikunta.
-Vaikunta & MahaVaikunta.
-Vrajavasis Laukik-stbandhu-priti vs MahaVaikuntavasis Bhagavath-buddhi with comparsion of Yashoda Maiyya , Nanda baba and Devaki,Vasudeva.
-Arjuna trembled due to Bhagavath-buddhi seeing universal form.
-Lila of Krsna showing universal form to Subala,Sridhama when they ask if He can fight with Kamsa,Mustika,Chanura having huge bodies.
-Lila of sakhas complaining to Yashoda Maiyya on Krsna eating mud & maiyya seeing universes in His mouth.
-Everything depends on faith.
-Srila Gurudev used to write every word of Parmagurudev class & Srila Paramagurudev used to be very strict & used to ask questions in class.
-There has to be smaran after sravanam with the example of Dundhukari reaching Vaikunta.
-Lila of Srimati Radhika placing cotton balls in ears to avoid hearing Krsna’s flute & yogamaya manifests as a snake to break Her mana.
-When Krsna manifests in your heart then self realisation will come.
-Transcendental things we cannot explain by material knowledge.
-By listening again & again Krsna’s mercy will manifest in your heart.
-Krsna-katha is Krsna Himself.
-One devotee asked Srila Svami Maharaj have you seen Krsna?”
-Hiranyakasipu asked Prahlada Maharaj why i cannot see Vishnu whereas you can see.
-Bhagavath-darshan will happen when you have strong faith.


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