-Meaning of Madhurya Kadimbhini.
-Mahaprabhu being embodiment of magnanimity distributes vraja-prema indiscriminately.
-In Kali-yuga baddha-jivas heart is like desert & affected by lust,anger.
-When our heart is neat & clean we receive one drop of mercy.
-Krsna is visaya-vigraha & Srimati Radhika is ashraya-vigraha.
-Everything happens by Lord’s desire.
-Mahaprabhu is taking prema with one hand , tasting it & giving it with another hand.
-About sadhakas in Vidhi-marg & Raga-marg & difference in their mood.
-About Ragatmika-jana in the spiritual world & difference between Hanuman & sakhas regarding ragatmika-bhakti.
-Sambhramba-bhava , Hit-kampana(heart trembling) occurs in those having Bhagavath-buddhi.
-State of everyone when Narasimhadeva appeared ferociously.
-In Vrindavan none thinks Krsna as Bhagavan.
-Vaikunta residents also have attachment to Lord but with aishvarya.
-Garuda stays far from Lord due to Bhagavath-buddhi & waits for seva.
-Lila of Narasimha deva playing Prahlada on His lap & His heart getting melted.
-Arjun being a friend asks for forgiveness for his offences when Krsna shows him universal form.
-Sakhas never say to Krsna that they committed offence towards Him due to intimacy.
-Vishrambhena guru-seva means with so much intimacy.
-Meaning of guru & laghu with respect to the spiritual world.
-Lila of Krsna learning dance considering Srimati Radhika as His guru & the trees on banks of Radha-kunda as manifestations of Radharani teaching Him dance.
-Radhika is svadhina bhatrika nayika & Krsna is dhira-Lalitha nayaka.
-Srimati Radhika says put alta on My feet to Krsna which Sita-devi can’t do with Lord Rama.


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