Part 1

-Krishna in Dvaraka
-Cupid is fainted seeing the queens of Dvaraka afar
-Nobody is happy in this world, only the one who is doing hari-bhajana
-Krsnas tu bhagavan svayam
-There is no ghost in the house where there is nama-sankirtana
-Even Shrutis make hard austerities to get the footdust of Vrindavana
-Uddhava makes hard austerities to get the footdust of Srimati Radhika
-Do your bhajan but do not disturb others. Do not make others forcefully listen to the holy names. If you are a saint person, you can affect others. If not, then there is no use to disturb them
-The art of doing bhakti, bhajan chaturja, is that you do not fight with anyone, do not disturb anyone and do your bhajan
-Grantha-bhagavata, bhakta-bhagavata
-If God gives you money, use them in His service
-Make artha (money) paramartha (God’s service), otherwise they lead you to anartha

Part 2

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